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Time Shouldn't Be the Biggest Factor in Your Dental Care Decisions

Posted on 4/26/17 1:30 PM By John Schmidt

These days, everyone seems to be busier than ever. Even with all the technological advances that were designed to save time and money, most Americans have hectic lives that put their time at a premium. In other words, you're not alone if you find yourself trying to cram dental appointments into a schedule already filled with job, family and other responsibilities.

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How to Make Dental Care a Family Affair

Posted on 4/19/17 1:30 PM By John Schmidt

It's not too early to start thinking about your child's oral health even before that first tooth pokes through the gum. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends scheduling a first appointment with a pediatric dental specialist within six months, certainly by your child's first birthday. This first appointment is critical to confirming that a child's mouth, teeth and jaws are developing normally. It's also a way of getting a youngster familiar with a dentist's office and what occurs during a dental appointment.

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Are Same Day Crowns as Good as Traditional Crowns?

Posted on 4/12/17 1:30 PM By John Schmidt

A dental crown is an important tool in the dental care arsenal that your dentist uses to keep your teeth in tiptop shape. Your dentist will fit one of these tooth-shaped “caps” over your teeth for a variety of reasons: to hold the pieces of a cracked tooth together, to strengthen a weakened tooth, to restore the appearance of a discolored or misshapen tooth, to provide support for a tooth with a substantial filling, and more.

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Are Dental Implants a Good Choice for Me?

Posted on 4/5/17 1:30 PM By John Schmidt

The American College of Prosthodontists estimates that around 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth, and there are plenty of ways to deal with this particular dental problem. A certain percentage of the population will choose to live without the tooth. As with most dental problems that are ignored, this can be problematic. It can lead to shifting of your remaining teeth, irritation of the gums, infection and even change the way your face looks. Some will decide to fill the gap with a removable prosthetic or fake tooth that comes out at night. Others will turn to a more permanent solution – the dental implant, a practical choice if you have problems with dentures or just want to avoid them.

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7 Ways to Get Your Kids Interested in Oral Hygiene

Posted on 3/29/17 1:30 PM By John Schmidt

You know how important dental care is for your kids—both for their health now and well into the future. What's not so easy sometimes is convincing your children of this fact. The following strategies are designed to get this message across in a way that's just as fun as it is effective.

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How to Find Dental Care That Won't Disrupt Your Schedule

Posted on 3/22/17 12:00 PM By John Schmidt

It can be difficult to prioritize your dental care when you’re already being pulled in so many different directions, but putting off dental care when you need it can make a small problem much bigger (and more time-consuming). That’s why it is so important to find a dental care provider that won’t disrupt your schedule.

If you want to find a great dentist who will value your time, make sure you ask the following questions.

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Your Untreated Cavity Could Become a Dental Emergency

Posted on 3/15/17 2:30 PM By John Schmidt

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about how important it is to practice good dental hygiene— how critical it is that you’re not just brushing and flossing, but brushing and flossing properly. And the same is true when it comes to handling tooth pain: There’s a right way and a wrong way to handle tooth pain, and treating your tooth pain incorrectly (or not at all) could lead to serious dental problems down the road.

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Don't Let the Cost of Dental Care Stop You from Getting a Filling

Posted on 3/8/17 11:30 AM By John Schmidt

Is the fear of being told you have a cavity that needs to be filled keeping you from visiting the dentist? You’re not alone. Many Americans feel anxious about dental procedures, but for a lot of people that anxiety is financially-induced, rather than related to a fear of the procedure itself.

This could be you if you don’t have dental insurance, your insurance only covers preventative care, or your insurance covers just a tiny fraction of dental treatment costs.

But an ignored cavity will only worsen and, in many cases, create new, more expensive problems. Over time, that cavity can become a fractured tooth, or can require a root canal and crown. In some cases, you might need an oral surgeon to remove the tooth and then replace it. These procedures can run into the thousands of dollars.

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These Dental Care Tips Help Minimize Your Routine

Posted on 3/1/17 1:30 PM By John Schmidt

Life can be hectic. When you’re juggling a full-time job, raising children and trying to keep up with all their activities, it can be hard to find the time to be proactive about dental care – for you or your children. And when you’re not proactive, that can lead to serious dental problems down the road that further hijack your schedule.

These time-saving tips can make managing your dental care easier, from the administrative issues of scheduling appointments, to saving time on daily dental care, to little things you can do every day to maintain good dental health.

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Try These Reduced Sugar Recipes and Reap the Dental Health Benefits

Posted on 2/22/17 11:30 AM By John Schmidt

You probably already know that eating less sugar means healthier teeth, but here's why: Plaque is forming on your teeth at all times. This is a natural occurrence that no amount of brushing or saliva can stop. The bacteria in plaque feeds on sugar, forming acids that eat away at your tooth enamel, causing cavities. These acids take only 20 seconds to form and last for half an hour.

Fear not. Eating less sugar as part of a good routine for oral hygiene will keep plaque and acid from giving you bad oral health. Here are a few reduced sugar recipes that you can use in your diet to keep acids low and tastiness high!

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